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Van Wood Group is the most experienced and qualified company in the field of production of wooden buildings, wooden cottages and villas (all wood) with more than 15 years of useful experience in the field of production of wooden houses. Several villa projects implemented throughout the country



Van Wood Group, which is a producer of Plast wood products in Iran having specialized technical knowledge in the field of wood, which has started to produce wooden houses along with its products.

Van Wood Group is designing, producing and executing this beautiful and unique structure in different parts of the country.

Van Wood Group Mission

Van Wood is one of the pioneers in institutionalizing this type of structure in the country with the benefit of satisfaction, trust in good reputation, credibility and favorable offer in the construction industry. In the field of building, lightening at the same time, retrofitting, which is one of the most important topics in the world of architecture, so relying on organizational efficiency and technical knowledge of its experts and using the most appropriate up-to-date technologies in the construction industry, observing principles and rules. Technical engineering will perform lightweight,at the same time earthquake resistant structures, with the highest quality and observance of schedule in execution during the final delivery of building units, in order to create maximum satisfaction for customers and employers by creating trust and assurance.

Van Wood Group Landscape in Wooden Houses

In the future, the ideal activity and the desired point, where professional and economic calculations had been done, have predicted a high probability of approaching the interests and tastes of our dear compatriots. Van Wood Group as one of the top companies known for its activity in the construction of modern wooden villas, which has continuously improved its position by investing in construction projects with commercial, residential and villa uses, along with the use of modern technologies.


We are proud to host your Van Wood designs to make them real.

Van Wood Group wishes you good and pleasant moments, dear customers



Wooden house

Van Wood Group provides comprehensive information to customers and employers of wooden khans (cottages and all-wood villas), please read the following text carefully:

There are 3 types of wooden houses:

1 pollen log or log house

2 Double-walled or wood frame (canopy)

3 Laminated or timber

Option No. 1, ie log house or pollen, has no economic justification due to its high price in Iran.

Option 2 Double-walled or wood frame does not have the necessary efficiency due to its weakness and insecurity, both in terms of strength and in terms of fire, insects, mice and thieves(especially in wet areas, the screws rot and the wood warps).

Option 3, which is known as multi-layer wooden houses or timber, which has the best quality and price.

First, the timber, which is imported directly from Russia from a poplar or pine tree, then refined and smoothed in the Van Wood Group factory, is glued after that then pressed. The difference between Van Wood Group's specialized work and traditional carpenters is that Vanwood puts the timber of a wooden house under the press machines with a power of 30 tons, while traditional carpenters press the timber with a hand clamp, the pressure of the machine is not comparable to the hand clamp at all, and these machines are in the factory of Van Wood Group.

Then the male and female parts of the timbers eating tools (crotch and tongue) which the thickness of these timbers is about 9 cm,are used.The glue used to staple 2 beams is ship glue (marine), which is one of the best glues for a wooden house. The timber is then produced and numbered according to a pre-designed plan.

Then, at the same time, the employer or the van Wood group (according to the contract) will execute the foundation or platform and deliver the head of electricity, water and sewage.

Then the installers will be sent to the installation site along with the prepared timber and the installation of wooden logs will begin. The work is performed with the lowest margin and the best quality.

After installing the walls, the gable roof is installed (according to the contract) and then the interior roof facade, which is usually laminate, is executed, and then in the last stage, the thermo paint, which is very expensive, durable and of the best quality, is executed.

Meanwhile, if the customer needs a balcony or terrace, its price is about 2/3 the price of one square meter of a wooden house.

Van Wood Group services in the field of wooden houses according to the contract include:

Hoods, sinks, gas, valves, radiators, upvc double glazed windows, water, electricity, plumbing fixtures, sanitary facilities, as well as Iranian services and tiles and floor walls of bathrooms and toilets, all of which are separate . Their brand type and grade are specified in the written contract.

payment method:

1 - 50% guarantee
2 - 30% when loading
3- 10% during the work
4 - 10% at the time of project delivery

Among the advantages of these wooden houses can be; slow burning, earthquake resistant, ultra-light structure, prevention of harmful waves, good sense of natural wood and ...etc.

In short, the experience of building a very attractive wooden house and living, having a good time in it,is worth the investment.Thus, join us to make your dreams come true.

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1 wooden house

Why is a wooden house better than a brick one?

Have you ever wondered why most of US houses are made of wood rather than brick and concrete? Why doesn't the United States build brick houses even after the natural disasters are repeated?

Fire rating:

The camp fire that broke out on November 8, 2018 in Bush, Northern California, destroyed about 18,800 structures. If these structures were made of brick, could we have saved these houses or at least postponed the damage to give the firefighters more time to put out the fire? The death toll from the fire is estimated at $ 5.1 billion over the past 10 years.

Destroyed by the California Fire as of July 31, 2018

A concrete wall is superior to fire insulation compared to a wooden frame wall. The block has 2 hours of fire, which reaches 4 hours if it is filled with filler. A typical wooden frame wall is about 1 hour compared to the amount of fire. Insurance carriers have long-term data that show that houses made of brick are less likely to be exposed to natural hazards, and the cost of insuring a house with a brick house becomes less.

2 wooden house

Water and electricity costs:

Because brick is bulkier, it has much more energy than wood. The US Department of Energy estimates an average of $ 340 per month or 4,080$ per year for installations, and brick construction saves about 20% per year($ 816 a year). This savings can be significant considering that the average American which is about 8.7 years old.

For beginners, wooden houses are much more economical than brick houses. It is very easy to work with these houses because these materials are lighter and more flexible than bricks. Wood can also accumulate in areas where erosion and sludge.Dont panic because wood is resistant to such corrosion.

American builders build houses with wood because it is the cheapest material, also it does not require manpower and knowledge to do this type of work. Furthermore, labor costs for the use of brick and concrete are very high, which increases the price of these houses.It becomes expensive. in addition, the concept of tearing down a house every few decades and rebuilding it comes naturally to the people of the United States.

An old tradition of building a wooden house

Europeans are often surprised to see dense wooden houses being built in the United States, whether it is a suburb or a large city. You will find neighborhoods made entirely of wood.It is a concrete suburb from the 1950s. In fact, it has not changed much since the 1950s. With 93% of new homes in 2018 using wood made by Americans, they stick to their wood with pride.

Historical roots

During the 16th century, European settlers in the New World did not search for rocks or limestone or brick to make a living, but instead used the vast forests that were growing throughout North America.

Unlike Europe these days , the United States still retains its heavily forested areas, and the tradition of building with wood has not only survived, but has reached a point where building a basic wooden house can be done by almost anyone.

A major breakthrough came in the 1830s when balloon frames delayed wood framing. This was a pinnacle invention that provided the basis for faster and cheaper construction. Without it, the boom of Western cities certainly could not have flourished overnight.

Americans prefer flexibility

The United States is a country of convenience and ready-made solutions. This reflects their work culture and, of course, their housing preferences.

Europeans have a tradition of building houses that can be passed on to their children, while in the United States they are built that do not last long, but stay long enough and are constantly proven to be a concept that drives the economy, brings and creates jobs.

The US economy is also driven by massive internal migration. Americans are known for their nationwide movement. Approximately 35.5 million Americans move annually, over the years, people may change their homes up to five times. Wood allows them to move quickly and economically without leaving much to be desired.

Making wood with wood is very easy, there are even kits that allow people to build their own wooden houses. Packages include everything that is needed to build a house in a few months and at a very low cost, but even to build It requires skill at that level, so most people decide to hire professional builders. Modern building tools and computer software allow workers to build quickly, especially when using software solutions.

Wooden house frames

Anyone who has done frame modeling knows that it can be a bit tedious and repetitive. Hence you definitely need something to make you prosperous. Wood frame wall or (wood frame), wood frame floor and ceiling wood frame creates displays with automatic dimensions for wall, floor or ceiling panel or section, as well as accurate billing of materials and store drawings, and thus quality production and assembly.

Accurate on-site assurance.

Wood is a very soft and flexible material that can be easily reshaped, replaced, repaired or modified, which is why wood framing solutions are great for home remodeling. This software saves about 90% of the time needed to perform simple wood modeling in Revit. Powerful woodworking tools are flexible, easy to use, and help you work much faster while avoiding errors at any stage of the project.

The price of a wooden house in the US

Timber in the United States is generally cheaper because of the vast areas for efficient timber transportation, timed distribution, and a large domestic market.

Wooden houses are also environmentally friendly because they produce less CO2 and can be fully recycled. This material acts as insulation, so keep the house cool in summer,holds and warms in winter, saving on heating and air conditioning can be 50 to 60% per year.

Wooden building systems typically cost less to install. Most American communities have a large pool of qualified workers with woodworking experience, which minimizes construction delays and keeps labor costs competitive. Materials such as concrete, on the other hand, require an organized and knowledgeable team effort with deeper expertise formal planning.This leads to a significant price increase.

Concrete construction involves the use of heavy materials and the laying of deep foundations. This is not only more economical but also slows down the construction process. A building with wood generally leads to a 30% faster rotation than a building with concrete, which means that the cost of construction will also be significantly lower. A house with a wooden frame can even be much cheaper and easier than a house made of Earthquake resistant bricks.

In the 1980s and 1990s, when wood prices were rising, there was a lot of speculation that steel studs would become a major method of residential construction. The wood industry managed to prevent this by ensuring their pricing under steel. They worked on wood species that could be harvested relatively quickly for use in residential construction.

Wooden houses should be used more

People outside of the United States often use the idea of making wood. Wood has a skin of reputation, which is somehow true. However, when it is used properly, wood has some real benefits that must be considered. It is not only environmentally safe and durable, but wood is also very cost-effective. It is efficienct.

Finally, the Van Wood Group invites you to build all-timber houses in their villas.

Experience the pinnacle of beauty and a good sense of life with a Vanwood wooden structure.


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How to build your own wooden house

Van Wood Group Wooden House

Your wooden house is made by hand in Iran, which is assembled in the factory of Van Wood Group where all the elements and structure are inspected.Next, the house is dismantled, loaded by machine and sent to the place where it will be built.

Before starting the production, Van Wood Group chooses wood for your home.

Usually Russian or pine wood is used. These woods are imported and purchased directly from Russia.

Wooden house in Canada

This is an effective and beautiful technology, the house looks warm and reliable. Most Canadian homes are built this way. The diameter of the relevant trunks varies from 40 to 90 cm. The houses look very wide and solid. For those who want to get the maximum effect, we make the walls of the wooden house about 90 cm in diameter.

A collection of Van Wood Group wooden houses includes the following:

3D house projects and plans

Wooden walls with openings and a layer of protective natural oil

Interior wooden walls

Communication holes

Overlapping beams

Ridge beams, roof beams

Internal and external columns

Stairs with wooden or steel railings


Feature of Van Wood Group wooden house

1.Execution time required to enter the house, depending on the size and complexity of the construction is about 5 months from the time of ordering and paying the deposit, the reason is that most companies dealing with such constructions with prefabricated modules need it to be installed to work.

2.The cost of building a wooden house is not completely different from the traditional house due to its beautiful and dreamy appearance with the idea that it is very expensive and unaffordable, but it is completely justified according to the services provided by Van Wood Group.

3.Wood is easy to process so you can choose from a wide range of interior and exterior finishes. In addition, wooden houses can be covered with prefabricated materials to give them a modern design, and beams can be covered with plaster.

4. Wood is a good thermal insulator, so it saves money on winter heating. Numerous studies have shown that the energy consumption of a Vanwood wood house is approximately 60% less than a brick house.

5. Wooden houses are very durable and wood is renewable. In addition, a wooden house has better resistance to earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 8 on the Richter scale because it has a more elastic property.

6.The air inside a wooden house is never too dry or too humid because wood helps maintain the desired humidity in the environment of a wooden house (cottage). A wooden house or wooden villa that has no problem with humidity will have a constant temperature. Van Wood group woods are quite noticeable).

7.The walls of a wooden house are not cold and damp, but water is used in the construction of a traditional house, and the walls of such buildings dry well in only about 10 months.

8. Wooden houses are recommended for people who have respiratory problems or people who have allergies because they do not allow dust to form.

9. These houses are environmentally friendly and can be installed in areas where the environment is not allowed for a classic house.

10.Depending on the needs, wooden houses can be re-installed on another site.

Note (This means that wooden houses can be moved from one point to another, but a percentage of the gap must be considered for this).

Modular wooden houses

This building, which is made of modular modules, is a building like the others. There is no compromise in the specifications and quality of the building. Due to high standardization and automation of the building process, we can offer a good value at a lower cost.

Our buildings are designed by professional architects and built in the Van Wood Group wooden house factory, which has many years of experience in wood, MDF and Wood Plast production. Modular modules are lifted by cranes on each type of base and the buildings are assembled on site in a few days.

Fire safety energy efficiency and other requirements for the construction of modern houses and public buildings guaranteed for interior and exterior finishing(the materials selected by the customer are used).

Architects, designers, even you dear customers, use your imagination safely. It is easy to build very beautiful houses using modular modules. We build your ideas with excellent quality, very fast and at a very high price.

Round wooden house

What ultimately separates frame and wood houses from other houses is the wood for a pollen log house. Because there is so much variety in timber; timber houses and many companies produce them differently, buyers sometimes make purchases without inquiry and advice, which ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction at the end of the job.

Therefore, Van Wood Group provides the necessary advice in this regard to esteemed customers and employers.

For example, choosing a particular company usually determines what types of wood are used or the particular way in which wood components are produced and assembled. If you have priority in certain areas, find a company that offers what you want.

Pollen log houses are made by providing wood horizontally to form the walls using the same wood for the exterior and interior walls. These walls usually have an exterior decoration that identifies the log homes.


Van Wood Group is a manufacturer of various types of wooden houses in various sizes and designs




rezoomehWith the help of God, Van Wood Company was established in 1382 and began to work in the field of wood and wood products. After gaining several years of experience, their activities are concentrated on Woodplast product as an environmental friendly product.

Nowadays, Van Wood Group with employing qualified and skilled personnel is achieved the Technical knowledge of producing of the composite with the aim of Preservation of forests and environment.