Guide to buying, reviewing and selecting different types of interior door models

There are many things in interior design that may not seem important at first glance, but once the design process is over, we realize what an irreparable blow to neglecting them has done to the whole design. One of these things that is less considered or may not be considered at all is the interior doors of the apartment. Our strong advice is not to underestimate or neglect any element in interior design, especially doors that can completely enliven the house and space.


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Important points about choosing the interior door of the building

First: like any other component, the primary issue is the amount of budget you have in mind. It is better to do a simple search of the shops or in the internet before in order to determine the price range of market prices plus to estimate the final costs with an open mind. Because if you make a decision that is completely subjective and far from the reality of the market, you will be shocked to see the prices when you buy, and all your plans will be wasted. Interior doors are available in the market from the price below 100,000 tomans to custom doors with very high prices.


Second: Measure the door frame accurately. This way you can choose to go for standard doors or you need to order construction. The construction order is required when the door frame is larger or smaller than the market standards.


Third: the installation location is an important factor in choosing the material and its type. For example, for bathrooms and toilets that are exposed to moisture, it is better to consider doors with desirable characteristics, of course, waterproof doors are more expensive than ordinary doors. Another example could be on the balcony, where safety considerations should also be considered.


Fourth: the user is important in choosing the type and material. For example, if you want the room to be heat and sound insulation, you must order a solid door. Of course, the type and material together affect its cost, for example, your doors are more expensive than your empty doors. Aluminum can be cheaper than wooden doors. It can be very expensive if you want pure wood, but HDF or ABS doors are cheaper. HDF doors are high-density coated doors that are more suitable for rooms and bathrooms.


Fifth: When choosing, consider the general spirit of the building and then go to the available options according to the style and context of the interior design of your home or office. For example, if the interior of the building is simple, secluded and minimal, the lavish and royal options are not suitable at all. Conversely, it is better to look for simple or panel doors, our recommendation is to use one or two panel doors, up to a maximum of three panels in this type of interior architecture.


Sixth: color is important and noticeable. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a color. First of all, it is very good that they match the color of the walls and the overall color of the furniture and interior architecture. Proportion does not mean that the doors must be completely the color of the wall, this form of painting is only one of the possibilities. Conversely, you can paint the doors completely complement the walls or consider the color of the furniture. Secondly, the material of the door you choose affects its color. Not all materials can be dyed. Or every door does not become beautiful with painting. For example, if you choose a door with natural wood, you will naturally be attracted to the natural color and texture of the wood. Or aluminum doors can not be painted.


Seventh: Pay attention to the quality of tools and fittings. If you are going to buy at the entrance of the building, pay attention to the lock and anti-theft lockers.The best locks are Italian ones. It is better for these doors to be sound, heat and fireproof.This will give you more security and privacy.The best Italian anti-theft doors are expensive.Turkish doors have a lower price and acceptable quality.These doors have different materials such as wood, wood veneer, MDF, leather or metal.


Eighth: Calculate the duration of the project precisely so that you can have a detailed plan.Moreover, its important to inquire the details of the work and the time required for each section.If the doors need to be made and painted, ask for the exact time of these steps. Ask the installer for installation time. Also pay attention to the season and the obstacles.If you are planning to renovate, summer may be a better time to do this, or on Eid night, for example, the workload of installers and builders may be high, so the cost and time will be longer and longer.If you are building, know when is the best time to install doors.If the doors are painted, be sure to consider installing the door after painting the walls.


Ninth: The last point, but not the least important, is the choice of builder, contractor and installer. In many cases you may be able to install the doors yourself. In many other cases, more specific details may be needed that only a professional installer can handle. You may be thinking about cost savings, but know that it will always be cheaper and more cost-effective to use technicians and professionals in the long run.


Plast van wood is a type of composite that is made from a combination of fine fibers, wood waste, PVC and special additives. The strings of these materials are in the form of molten paste, which is extruded in the form of different profiles. This product is divided into two groups: Indoor & Outdoor. Door hinges and frames and frames are integrated and extruded and have a much higher strength than wooden doors, wood veneer, MDF,...etc. The best option for special and busy uses are educational centers and hospitals. The most important feature of the plywood product is its real waterproofness and washability.

Obviously, each of the above materials or materials will give different capabilities to the product that we are considering here, door, frame, base. In the door manufacturing industry, a combination of these materials can also be used, for example, doors can be made of wood. Or make mdf and then cover it with pvc coating to produce cheap and waterproof products, but the problem of these methods will appear when the door cover is damaged. In such cases, the door will be completely damaged and will no longer be waterproof.

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Introducing different types of construction doors

In the construction industry, according to the desired conditions and costs, different materials are used. These materials can be different in different types of room doors, hospital doors, hotel doors, bathroom doors, unit doors, etc.Of course, in the construction of some doors, a combination of different materials will be used. The following is a brief description of these materials:
This product is produced from a mixture of waste products and agricultural products with resin, adhesive, formaldehyde and other additives under pressure and heat. Its density is about 650-800 kg per cubic meter. MDF can be coated after production.Melamine veneer is the most common type of veneer for MDF, in which the process of decorative paper impregnated with resin is glued to the board under pressure and heat.Thicknesses 4-8-10-16-18-20....In millimeters is offered in the market.Other coatings include: CPL, HPL, Veneer, Engineered Veneer, TecoFoil, Finish Foil and. . .

Green MDF

This product is about 30% more resistant than ordinary MDF and its most important feature is its relative resistance to water and moisture; This resistance does not mean that it is washable.

HDF or High Density Fiberboard

This product is similar to MDF with a higher density to reach a density of more than 800 kg per cubic meter. HDF production process uses more pressure and temperature and consequently has a higher resistance.These materials are often produced in sheets of three millimeters or more.HDF sheets can be coated with HPL melamine veneers. This product can also be coated with PVC membrane press. These sheets can also be painted. HDF Door Skin upholstery is the most widely used material along with the inner coil of Russian wood (Bao) and Honikom and has been among the cheapest door handles on the market. Also, a special product with HDF wood veneer frames was introduced in the market called Mesonite, which was not well received.

ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

It is composed of three compounds, "acrylonitrile" which is a synthetic polymer (one of the famous acrylics), "butadiene" which is an organic compound, and liquid aromatic styrene (polystyrene) which is colorless and odorless. These materials are mostly used for coating other materials and are not the basis for making materials for doors and windows, etc. If there is a small hole in this coating, moisture will enter the product and will cause its destruction. The final shape and texture of this product gives a plastic feel and does not indicate whether the wood veneer is natural or artificial.

HPL or High Pressure Laminate

This coating consists of a family of thermostatic polymers that are very durable, do not ignite and do not produce toxic gases when burned. To produce this product, layers of kraft paper are used, which are impregnated with thermostatic resins and together with the coating, under high temperature and pressure, it becomes a dense sheet with an integrated structure. The final surfaces of this sheet are covered with colored layers and anti-scratch coating. Most fireproof brands in door frames and wall coverings have HPL coating.

CPL or Continues Pressure Laminate

CPL is from the HPL family with more flexibility for postform and rapping and is less thick compared to HPL which is produced in roll continuously.This cover is one of the best options for fire-resistant or fire-resistant jumps and scrubs.

PVC or Poly Vinyl CHLORIDE

It is a type of thermoplastic polymer that is made in two types, hard and flexible, and is currently one of the most valuable products in the petrochemical industry. The terms PVC and vinyl are commonly used for all materials of which PVC polyvinyl chloride is a constituent.PVC is a hard plastic that is made of soft and flexible additives.

UPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride

This material is composed of PVC, which means in other words, hardened PVC, or in other words, a product whose plastic (soft) state has disappeared. It was first made in Germany in the early 1960s. Due to its insulation and optimal strength, it is very useful for window profiles with double glazing.

Polywood / WPc or Wood & Polymer Composite






rezoomehWith the help of God, Van Wood Company was established in 1382 and began to work in the field of wood and wood products. After gaining several years of experience, their activities are concentrated on Woodplast product as an environmental friendly product.

Nowadays, Van Wood Group with employing qualified and skilled personnel is achieved the Technical knowledge of producing of the composite with the aim of Preservation of forests and environment.