Cottage and guard room

Regarding to use of guard room in cities, and a trend toward construction of cottages in Private villas, the Poly wood can be used as a material and special features compared to wood in cottage and guard room.

In comparison with wood, the price of Woodplast is quite competitive and affordable, while WPC is not have the wood problems such as fungi and mold formation, accumulation of beetles and insects, swelling and decay.
Above all Woodplast due to its plastic compound is waterproof too. Beetles and insects have no interest in eating plastic.

rezoomehWith the help of God, Van Wood Company was established in 1382 and began to work in the field of wood and wood products. After gaining several years of experience, their activities are concentrated on Woodplast product as an environmental friendly product.

Nowadays, Van Wood Group with employing qualified and skilled personnel is achieved the Technical knowledge of producing of the composite with the aim of Preservation of forests and environment.