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wpc roofgarden aRoof garden or green roof, is a green space designed in a way constructed in unused spaces of the building such as roof or terrace, in line with modern technology and in harmony with aesthetic, social and cultural values, green space can be lost in the current environmental conditions. Live a city and cause sustainable environment, improve the mental and physical health of residents and increase the quality of life.

Van Wood Company is a manufacturer of plastic and thermo wood for roof garden, flower box, flooring, bench, table and chair.

Therefore, any green space that is built on the roof is called a roof garden and can include a set of green plants, wood plastic bench, pergola, garden furniture, wood plastic flower box, gabion table and chair (plastic surface top surface, metal surface and rubble), plastic wood flooring and artificial turf.

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Types of roof garden

  • Modular (flower box or plant box):

In this system, the plant is placed inside boxes or flower boxes that can be placed in different places on the roof.

  • Wide garden:

In this type of roof garden, plants with low roots are cultivated.The planting bed is very shallow and the maximum thickness of the soil is 20 cm.  Extensive orchards are much cheaper than other types of orchards and are planted with grass and plants with shallow cover and low height.

  • Semi-concentrated garden:

This type of green roof includes the cultivation of plants with more root volume and has a planting bed depth of more than 30 cm to 1 meter.  In this type of green roof, all shrubs such as strawberries, watermelons and medicinal plants such as mint and lavender as well as grass can be cultivated and only the weight created should be considered in the design of the structure.

  • Concentrated garden:

In this type of roof garden, soil with high volume and height is used. This type of orchard, which is more expensive than the previous ones, is planted with a variety of trees, ornamental plants and flowers.This type of garden is designed on the roof of large buildings and paths for walking and benches to relax in it.

The roof garden also prevents the roof of the house from being directly exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, which can damage the roof insulation, which has the advantage of extending the life of the roof.


Important points before designing a roof garden

  • Choosing soil for the garden
  • Weight distribution in the garden
  • Roof garden insulation

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The advantages of Roof Garden can be such as ecological efficiency and creation of utility in the urban landscape, increase of energy efficiency, sustainable development in this field, sustainable environment, increase of visual quality, beautification of urban areas, reduction of air pollution, reduction of heating and cooling load and protection. He mentioned sewage, adjusting the temperature of the building, air purification and improving the air exchange between areas with high building density, free spaces between them and variety in design.


Roof Garden does not have a specific price. The pricing of this type of landscaping depends on the factors used, such as pergola, flower box, plastic wood flooring, polywood bench, etc.  For information on different types of roof gardens, please contact Van Wood Company.


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Van Wood Company is ready to accompany you to run Roof Garden all over the country.

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