What is timber?

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People who are involved in construction-related jobs usually deal with timber, so buying timber is one of the activities that should be done and buying it is very important in this article about tips for buying timber and similarly we have given a complete description of the types of timber and its applications.

What is timber?

Timber is a type of wood that has been turned into beams and boards. The wood of any tree that can be reduced to smaller dimensions (in different dimensions) is known as timber.

In countries like the United States and Canada it is called Lumber. Timber is used for construction purposes. Timber has many uses, including for making weapons, furniture, and lumber of various woods; due to its many uses, timber has been used for a long time.

In the following, we will explain in detail about the types of timber and its applications, and tips on buying van wood.

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Vanwood lumber itself is divided into several types:


Softwood lumber

Softwood is obtained from conifers, as you know conifers are seen in all seasons of the green year and like other trees do not have leaves and gradually have leaf fall in each season, not completely in fall, trees includes pine, redwood, cypress, fir, cedar.

Softwood lumber is generally more widely used and used more by timber manufacturers, furniture and cabinet makers are more likely to buy softwood lumber, which about 80 percent of the world's lumber used are softwood lumber.

When we use the word softwood lumber, it seems to have less hardness than hardwood lumber, but in practice we see that it has the necessary strength and also that these lumber are durable.

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In the following, we will briefly get acquainted with some of its types.


Buy pine timber

In the furniture industry, one of the best and most common woods used is pine wood because it is very durable and shows sufficient strength against impact.

Furniture makers and those in this industry usually use pine lumber to buy it because it has a lower price than hard lumber but has sufficient strength and durability.

It should be mentioned that all Van Wood wooden houses are made of pine wood (Russian wood)

Another advantage of pine wood is that it grows quickly, pine wood is also very resistant to environmental conditions and does not swell. Compared to other woods, it has less water absorption.

Also, the main structures of houses in the north of the country are made of the same wood.

Follow more information about wooden houses through the following link.

Wooden houses


Buy timber

Narad timber is suitable for civil and construction constructions.This timber is used to build bridges and commercial and residential buildings. The main birthplace of this timber is in the western regions of the United States and Canada, which is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean but grow in many areas today.


Hardwood lumber

Hardwood is obtained from broad-leaved or fine-leaved trees. Trunks or branches are used to make lumber. Hardwood is more expensive because it has a higher density and denser texture, also Its growth rate is low, the centers that buy it usually buy hardwood lumber because of its greater stability and strength.

Hard wood or so-called hard wood are: walnut wood, ash wood (sparrow tongue)

In the following, we will briefly explain the types of hardwood lumber.


Buy walnut lumber

Walnut wood has different colors, which are usually brown, although it has parts that also have light parts, including the colors that it has and can be referred to as light brown, purple colors and gray.

Walnut wood is usually used to make all kinds of cabinets, flooring, sofa, the advice we can have to buy walnut wood is to make sure that the walnut wood is original, note that the shape of the walnut wood should be having grains with curves.

To buy walnut wood, always be careful to buy from reputable centers;  Van Wood is one of the most reputable centers for buying it in different types of wood.


Buy spruce timber

Spruce timber is usually used to make pallets, frames and boxes because the timber of this wood has a smooth surface and has a lower density. Poplar wood, like other hardwoods, tends to lose their color when exposed to sunlight.

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