Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of plastic wood

Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of plastic wood of domestic , foreign production and  in-between levels of domestic production:

Lack of forest and wood resources in our country is a bitter and undeniable fact, as a result of which we have witnessed a decrease in production capacity and even in many cases of closure of wood factories in recent years, this issue clearly shows the sensitivity and vulnerability of wood and paper industries. The need to find a suitable alternative and rely on other resources and materials for the wood and paper industry and cellulose industries is evident.


In recent years, worldwide, and consequently in our country, many researches in the field of manufacturing composite materials based on the use of thermoplastic polymers and renewable lignocellulosic sources, including natural fibers, have been carried out. All these issues indicate the comparative advantage and importance of expanding the panel production industry in the country. 


Over the past decade, plastic (wood) has undergone a unique development and became very popular in terms of performance, process, product and design innovation. Composite or plastic wood composite is obtained from the combination of plastic and wood, so that the components retain their chemical and natural nature. The most widely used polymers in this field (polyethylene, polypropylene) are naturally incompatible with wood due to their non-polarity, and coupling agents such as maleic anhydride are used to solve this problem. 


In addition to the type and amount of compatibility, the type of wood and its structure is also an effective factor on the physical-mechanical properties. Since we are seriously facing a reduction in wood resources today, the use of Plast wood composites while increasing some mechanical strengths such as modulus of tensile elasticity and some physical properties such as increasing resistance to water absorption and reducing thickness swelling as well as reducing waste. 


Plant biomass also provides better savings in wood resources, and on the other hand, following the increase in the price of plastics in recent years, the addition of natural fibers and fillers to reduce costs in the plastics industry and in some cases increase the amount. The production was considered and also the use of these materials have other advantages over mineral fillers (clay, talc and lime) and synthetic fibers (glass and carbon) which are low price, low density, high filling ability, accessibility.


Different types of fibers around the world, biodegradability, low thermal expansion coefficient, renewability, no machine erosion and no production of toxic substances after combustion. Therefore, due to the above advantages, limited manufacturers are engaged in the production and supply of plastic wood composites to the market, but so far no comprehensive research has been done to compare the properties of plastic wood composites produced inside and outside, so it seems necessary. In order to identify and solve the problems of these composites, first their physical and mechanical properties in each production unit are examined and compared with the products of other companies in the country and abroad.


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