What is Polywood? Reasons for price differences in Plast wood

What is Polywood?

The Polywood brand has been introduced in India since 1992 with the introduction of PVC and UPVC windows and doors. After that, various companies created changes in the production process of this type of revolutionary products in the construction industry. Also, the materials that have been presented under the general name of Plywood in recent years have led to the introduction of innovative and new solutions in the construction industry.

In our country, plywood is made of wood with a combination of plastic and recycled wood, which has been processed in different ways. This type of material is very resistant to corrosive materials, insects and rot, fire & cracking & moisture. For this reason, it is considered as a very practical and recommended material for the construction industry in the form of various profiles and doors. This product can be produced for any type of structure such as summer houses, residential buildings, towns, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc.


What is the material used in polywood?

Plywood is typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), UV-curing pigment systems, foam compounds, and selected process additives. Raw materials (HDPE) are made from recycled waste, such as milk containers and detergent bottles or other recyclable industrial materials.


Is Polywood a type of plastic?

In fact, yes, but plywood is not one of the mostly recycled plastics used in cheap and low-quality furniture. It is a special combination of first-hand materials and recycled materials that have been processed by various additives.


How does using polywood help protect the environment?

Buying plywood furniture is not only a smart investment, it will also help the planet and protect the environment. Too much plastic is thrown away on a daily basis, which will be very slow to decompose if it enters nature. But the use of this type of recycled material in furniture makes it usable and beautiful things.

Also, about 99% of the waste of the plywood factory is returned to the production stage. It is clear that less waste production equals a cleaner and more vibrant environment. So by buying plywood furniture, you dont only save the environment, but also save time and health of the earth's inhabitants. You will also spend less time maintaining and cleaning it. Due to the long life of these products, they will need to be replaced later, and when cleaning a bucket of soap and water with a soft brush is quite enough.

In general, we must emphasize that these products are part of environmentally friendly and fully recyclable systems. In the video below, parts of a factory producing these products and interesting explanations are provided.


Is Polywood safe?

Plywood is made of harmless recycled plastic that does not pose a danger to children and the elderly and is free of any toxins. It is also durable and impact resistant, and you do not have to worry about children or other external factors.

Plywood production factory

At present, Van Wood Group is one of the largest manufacturers in Iran and the Middle East, which produces its products with high quality through advanced production lines and production updates.

At present, Van Wood Group factory is located in Shams Abad industrial town and will be transferred to Mahmudabad industrial town in the near future.

The address of Vanwood Group is wpc.ir.


Can Polywood be painted?

The answer to this question is generally yes. Of course, in specific circumstances. There is also a need for a skilled painter and the use of special colors. But it is better to buy plywood (Plast wood) with your favorite color and tailored to your needs or order it from the factory.

Plywood applications

Due to its unique properties and characteristics, plywood is very diverse and widely used in the field, and a wide variety of products can be produced by it. Products made of these composites are used in various sectors such as construction (doors, windows and cabinets), car interiors, frames, door and window profiles and components, frames, railings, vertical and horizontal exterior cladding shelving, swimming pools, roof gardens, various types of pavilions and flower boxes, urban furniture and roof louvers, as well as in the shipbuilding industry.

The reason for the wide range of applications of this type of products is the low weight and high tolerance that this material has against heavy objects and impact. These properties have made it suitable for use in a wide range of industries.  Also, in most cases, its competitive price is an effective advantage. However , other unique properties such as antibacterial, anti-moisture, fire-proof and anti-electricity have made it suitable for use in certain places such as hospitals and laboratories, factories and workshops.

Plywood products can also be widely used in the reconstruction of old buildings. Because the variety of colors and flexibility in making parts with desired dimensions and sizes leave the hands of interior designers in this field to a great extent.


Polywood price

Many factors are effective in determining the price of plywood. One of the factors influencing the price of plywood is its dimensions and size.  Depending on the application you expect from it, it can be produced in different dimensions and sizes.

Other factors influencing the price of plywood are the quality of the materials used in construction and production. Composite sheets have a multi-layered structure. These layers include exterior sheets, middle and central laminate along with industrial structure. This type of sheet is made of different materials such as: metal, plastic, wood, ceramic as well as glass and fiber.

The use of quality materials makes. To make the product more durable and durable. Obviously, more durability of manufactured products will make it cost-effective in the long run.

* In general, if we divide the wood of Plast wood raw materials into the main part: 1 wood powder and 2 polymers

Consequently, the more wood powder is used in the production process of plywood, the cheaper the cost and naturally the more water absorption will be and the quality of the product will be lower, but on the contrary, if the amount of polymer is higher, the cost and quality of the product will be higher. It will have ideal quality.

Therefore, different plywood prices will definitely have different qualities.

Van Wood is a manufacturer of the highest quality Plast wood profiles in Iran and the Middle East.

Product manufacturer brand

Another factor determining the price of plywood is the place of manufacture and the brand of its manufacturer. Van Wood brand is always concerned with producing quality goods with excellent after-sales service.


Quality and mechanical properties

Strength and compressibility are also effective factors in the price of plywood. For example, tensile strength, shear strength, flexural strength and the amount of bending that can be tolerated by it are among the factors affecting the quality and, of course, the price of plywood.


Advantages of using polywood

The unique properties of polywood materials have led to its use in various parts of the building by architects and interior designers. Some of the features that make this product stand out are:

Plywood is a material that has a very high resistance to impact and pressure and can withstand a lot of weight.

It does not shrink, expand, crack or change in the face of cold and heat.

The weight of furniture made of wood and plastic composites is very light and they are easy to transport.

It has a high resistance to heat and is therefore non-flammable.

Plywood cabinets can be easily repaired in case of damage.

Due to the presence of plastic in this type of cabinet, moisture can not penetrate into it, it is also waterproof.

Its useful life is high.


Advantages of Plywood from a consumer perspective

Furniture and equipment made of plywood can be cleaned with detergents or cleaners. In general, it is a washable material.

It is antibacterial and due to the absence of cracks and small cavities, it is not possible for germs and bacteria to grow in it.

Its resistance to insect infestation is high.

Another feature of plywood is its compatibility with the environment. Wood waste and plastics can be recycled and reused.


Material made of wood or plastic composite can be coated or painted.

They are produced and marketed in different colors and in most cases are self-colored.

It is produced in different thicknesses and is an inexpensive but durable material.


If you need more information or specific advice, we are proud to contact our experts through the wpc.ir site.



rezoomehWith the help of God, Van Wood Company was established in 1382 and began to work in the field of wood and wood products. After gaining several years of experience, their activities are concentrated on Woodplast product as an environmental friendly product.

Nowadays, Van Wood Group with employing qualified and skilled personnel is achieved the Technical knowledge of producing of the composite with the aim of Preservation of forests and environment.